Cricket Motivational Quotes | Best Cricket Tips for Young Cricketers

The Craze of Cricket in India is unbeatable. Everyone plays cricket a minimum of once in his lifespan. Common people don’t require Cricket motivation but Young Budding cricketers do need, those who want to play cricket at a huge level. There is a large population who play cricket professionally and dream of playing cricket for India.

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Cricket Motivation from Within

But not everyone can represent and thus can be motivated to practice hard to improve themselves and give tough competition to fellow players and come out as unique among a huge population. Young cricketers admire Great cricketers to be like them but in their learning process, they make a lot of mistakes that divert them from their goal. In this article you will see some mistakes young youngsters make:

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Mistakes Young Cricketers make while playing Cricket

Idol Worship

Admiring a Favorite cricketer is good and one must do but should not try to become his second version. Everyone is unique and has unique qualities which he should preserve and make his strength. Like if one likes Virat Kohli’s cover drive then he can also like Rohit Sharma’s pull shot. But Young cricketers are nowadays trying to copy cricketers but not learning from the mistakes of their Favorite cricketers.

Their mind is becoming player-centric. They are watching cricket to support those whom they admire but not the team which results in a lack of sense of team man or team player. They are focusing on Individual targets more than team targets.

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Lack of Variety of Approaches

Just playing unorthodox shots doesn’t mean the approach is different. Ball going in a particular direction can be played in multiple without being too risky and unorthodox. For if the ball is pitched wide outside off the stump and its short ball then it can be played from the cover region to the long stop region. The ball can be played from the front foot and back foot also it can be played late and early. This helps in playing the same line and length in different directions without being too risky by just keeping field positions in mind.

Like If an off-spinner bowls a short ball it can be played from cover to square leg region without being too risky. Using the presence of mind ball can be played over the bowler’s head, it can be played over the cover region, and the same bowl can be played differently with some brains in the game.

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No Experiment in Net sessions

Players play net sessions without any aim. Many of them try not to get out. This makes them conservative mentally and strict them to develop a variety of shots.

  • Try to play quality bowlers and nets.
  • Try to avoid playing more on cemented wickets. Use cemented wickets just for throw-arm practice.
  • If possible, play the same bowler for all six bowls to read his mind.
  • Try to make assumptions about what he is think about you and try to guess what is going to ball next.

Social Media

You would see lot of young cricketers posting regularly on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. If you want to see cricket content on social media then only follow those who are actually playing cricket and sharing knowledgeable videos rather than masala videos, slow-motion videos with cool background music.

Try to avoid the wanna-be cricketer’s video. they are just searching for views and they don’t know about cricket neither they have played a good level of cricket. They show many wrong things that impact real young cricketers.

Finding Motivation

Young Cricketers try to find motivation through edited videos on social media but the real motivation is your time, your money, your parents, you passion, your next match. A Doctor doesn’t need motivation to treat the patient because it’s within. Why every time you need someone to push you? Are you playing without your willingness?

Not Analyzing

After playing matches young cricketers forget to analyze and review their performance which is must for every sportsperson or any human being to rethink. Bring out positives and negatives. Focus on improving negatives. Don’t get overwhelmed with positive only.


Taking a wicket or smashing a bowler doesn’t make you a bigger thing than cricket. Keep the respect of young cricketers and elder cricketers. Don’t take anyone easy. Give Respect, Take Respect.


Nowadays what the majority of youngsters think about fitness is going to the gym which is not at all right. Mental fitness is the major thing rest comes afterwards. If you are mentally fit and strong you could do anything you like. Physical fitness is part of fitness and is not whole fitness.

Hope you liked the article. Do let us know in the comments. Keep playing Keep working hard to achieve your goals.

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